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6 Reasons to Cruise!

27 Jan

This past August, my group of friends from college and I went on a Carnival cruise🚢. We sailed from Miami, and went to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. This wasn’t my first cruise, but it was my first as an adult. I have to say, cruising may be my new favorite way to travel. Here’s why:

  1. The Food. Because food is quite unlimited, you can taste whatever you’d like. I had my very first lobster tail, snails, and alligator. I ordered a cheese plate for dessert (which is something only Vacation Courtney would do). But why try these new things? Because I could. It was already paid for, and, I knew that if I hated the crazy thing on my plate, I could replace it with chicken tenders & fries with a *snap* of my fingers. And, after all the partying I did on the ship, 24 hour pizza was a necessity.
  2. The Drinks. Ok, so the drinks and the food kind of go hand-in-hand, but I had to separate them. When I get around my friends, we tend to drink-a lot! So, again there’s a basically unlimited number of drinks to have, and bonus: no one has to worry about being the designated driver. The ship we were on had bars all over the place so I had a long island or a shot for every activity.
  3. The Activities. So pretty much everything is included in the price you pay. I failed at took Michael Jackson dance lessons, played miniature golf, saw a flash mob performance in a night club, and got to be an audience member in a Newlywed Game knock-off. The cruise ship gives you 2 options: chill & relax, or stay completely active. I love that if I want to lay in the sun and people watch, I can do that. Or, if I want to be a judge of a drag competition, I can do that too.
  4. The Excursions. The activities and the excursions probably sound a lot alike, but they’re not. The activities were things you could do on the boat. The excursions were off the boat and (unfortunately) cost a bit of extra money. But if you’re a person who likes adventure, you’ll definitely want to do one. And scaredy cats like myself can find some type of adventurous thing to do. For me an my friends, we decided to ride ATVs in a Mexican “jungle.”  This is probably something I’d be too nervous to do in my everyday life. But, Vacation Courtney was down for it. After the ATV rides, I was able to lay on a sunny, hot beach and just relax. Best of both worlds.
  5. The People. This is probably my favorite part. I got to meet and interact with people that I’d never know in any other setting. On a normal vacay, you don’t run into the same people over & over again. A cruise is the only place I can think of where you’ll have the same strangers as dining companions for many nights in a row. I’m now Facebook friends with a 50-ish Real Estate Agent from Florida. Where else could I have connected with him? No-where. That’s where.
  6. The Disconnection. This may be an anti-millennial thing for me to say, but I loved being disconnected from the world. On a cruise, you don’t have access to the internet or cell towers. So unless you want to pay a billion dollars, your smart phone turns into just a camera & mini-boombox. I loved this. Before setting sail, I called my parents to say “see ya,” and after that, I was able to focus solely on the fun. It’s actually what made #1-5 even better. And of course, after the cruise was over, my friends and I were able to flood Instagram with our cruise pictures.

So, there you have it. I’m already planning my next cruise, so I can see if there are even more reasons to go.