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I just feel like……..

17 Apr

once upon a time, I had a project due for a class. this project required me to get help from an aquaintance (I use that word, because a friend wouldn’t do what she did). we’ll call her “Jane.” I had completed about half of the project, with Jane’s help. but, this last part of the project wasn’t done, and Jane was an intergral part of my completion of this assignment.

And then she dissapeared.

*Poof* she was gone. I text her. repeatedly. I even CALLED her. and, I don’t CALL anyone other than my parents.

what I don’t understand, is why she’d do this to me. she knew from the beginning how important this assignment was to me, and she made the decision to help me out. and, I am appreciative of this help. but by bailing out on me she left me hanging, because at that point, it was too late to start over with someone else.

I just feel like a “NO” is better than a non response. at least then I know and can move on without wondering if you’re ever going to answer.