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“The Girl Who Fell From The Sky”

14 Mar

since my freshmen year at Hampton, I’ve been slacking on my personal reading. before, in high school and earlier, reading every night before bed was a routine. I would finish one book, and then quickly go to the next. reading has always been one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

I got to a point where I was reading less and less. I always felt a little guilty when I would read for pleasure if I hadn’t done all of my assignments and studying.

anyway, I did get over the guilty feeling, and started reading.

my most recent book I’ve read is “The Girl Who Fell From The Sky.” the book, by Heidi Durrow, is well written. the words on the page are simple, but pack a powerful punch. I found it interesting the way the same story was told from different perspectives and at different times.

Rachel, the main character, was different. she didn’t look like the black girls or the white girls. but, she had to find her place in her new home. after losing her family and moving to live with her grandmother, fitting in became more difficult than ever. a string of unfortunate events for Rachel, and Brick (another main character), lead them eventually to each other.

the book reminded me that no matter how hard others try to protect you and change you, you have to follow your own path. often times, others may not understand you, but that cannot stop you from being who you are.

oh, P.S. my school, the REAL HU are the 2011 MEAC Champs in ladies & men’s basketball! Go Pirates! 😀


waiting, just waiting

9 Mar

I’ve been here for 46 minutes. my appointment was 46 minutes ago. in this fast paced world, somethings are still slow.
my patience for waiting has always been extremely low. I get it from my father. I don’t wait in lines unless absolutely necessary. I’ll pass on free things if it looks like getting it will take too long.
sometimes things are actually worth the wait. but as I sit here (in the doctor’s office), I feel like waiting=wasting time. it took my 20 minutes to catch up on my emails, but now I’m just sitting, listening to the laughter of the nurses & receptionists and the music coming from the headphones of the man beside me.
now, close to an hour has passed. I realize there are no visible clocks in the office, probably to go along with the imaginary image of being timely & efficient.
this isn’t the first time I have sat in this office spending my precious time doing nothing. and, I’m certain this isn’t the only establishment that is constantly running behind schedule. when is too long? when should I go to the desk & ask when I’ll finally be seen? when should I stop waiting?

haters gonna hate

3 Mar

no reason. this just tickles my funny bone. happy March 🙂