Nights Like This

10 Feb

it was close to midnight. I was already in my pajamas. I didn’t know that the skype session I was having would lead to a “4th meal” run to taco bell. in the snow. 2 of my friends convinced me that I NEEDED this meal. I didn’t. but, the trip was fun. it included our usual silly banter, and jokes that no one else will ever understand. it included butt smacking, laughs, and caramal apple empanadas.

I love nights like this.

I live for nights like this. nights where its just me & my friends, and pure fun.

sometimes, I wonder how many nights like this I have left. I mean, after graduation, when we’re all in different stages of life, will crazy times like this even be possible?

I know I shouldn’t try to look too far into the future, and should just live in the moment. but, I’ve formed bonds that I’m not sure I’m ready to let go of, or even loosen my grip on.

but, I can’t see the future. so, I’ll just have go day by day, and wait for more nights like this. 🙂


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