can jazz make me smarter?

10 Feb

I read somewhere that listening to music with words, while studying was bad.

and I believe it. trying to read a boring chapter of environmental science is already hard. add the fact that I’m more focused on singing along with Beyonce about freakum dresses….well, you get my point.
so, I asked my dad…an avid music buff to give me some music with NO words. he made me three mised CDs. each one contained a bunch of wordless jazz music.
jazz is something I despised as a child. when my dad would turn to the jazz stations, I’d sit in the car and pout.I always thought jazz was for old people.
but as I sit and listen to the trumpets and saxaphones, I realize jazz is much cooler than I ever thought. its soothing and exciting at the same time. I think this may be my new-found love. it has been past time for me to expand my musical selections.
and if it will help me reach my 4.0 goal for the semester, that’s all the better.


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