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new media

16 Feb

The article below got me to thinking.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Borders Group Inc (BGP.N), the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain, filed for bankruptcy protection, after years of sharp sales declines that made it impossible to manage its crushing debt load, and it plans to close nearly one-third of its stores.

Its inability to garner significant online business and its near absence from the growing digital books market have made it difficult for Borders to compete with larger rival Barnes & Noble Inc (BKS.N) and online retailer Inc (AMZN.O).

Borders had liabilities of $1.29 billion and assets of $1.28 billion as of December 25, 2010, according to documents filed on Wednesday with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

Borders Group President Mike Edward said in a statement that the chain “does not have the capital resources it needs to be a viable competitor.”

Borders said in January it might have to file for bankruptcy if it could not meet certain conditions for securing a $550 million credit facility from GE Capital, a unit of General Electric Co (GE.N).

It failed to meet those conditions, which included arranging financings with other lenders, vendors and landlords.

In bankruptcy, GE Capital will provide Borders with $505 million in debtor-in-possession financing to allow it to continue operating, contingent on court approval.

Borders, whose second largest shareholder William Ackman has said it was his worst investment ever, had been preserving its cash by delaying payments to suppliers, such as publishers and landlords.

Sales at Borders declined by double-digit percentage rates in 2008, 2009 and in each quarter in 2010 it has reported.

Borders, which has 6,100 full time staff, operates 508 namesake superstores as well as a chain of smaller Waldenbooks stores.

The company said it would close about 30 percent of its stores in the next several weeks and plans to continue to pay its employees.

Borders’ largest unsecured creditors include major publishers that provide the books it sells. Borders owes Pearson PLC’s (PSON.L) Penguin $41.2 million, Hachette Book Group USA $36.9 million, and CBS’s (CBS.N) Simon & Schuster $33.8 million, according to court documents

being a 20 year old, I’m in the middle. I know books & I know e-book. I know CDs & I know mp3s. I grew up on VHS tapes, I know DVDs, and I watch movies online.

As a journalism student, I hear it all the time: traditional media is dead. but, then I hear that magazine & newspaper subscriptions aren’t falling. I’ve seen statistics saying subcriptions are at their heighest.
no matter the numbers, its clear that new media is making an impact on the way we take in news and entertainment.
while I still read paper books, I get my news on my phone. my father reads a traditional newspaper everday. and my grandmother wouldn’t know what to do with an iPad or any other tablet device.
the fast progression makes me wonder where our society will be in 10-20 years. will there be anything for me to touch? will I have a box of keepsakes & momentums for my children & grandchildren? or, will I just have to rely on something digital?


L.O.V.E. (V-Day)

15 Feb

the only thing I’ve been thinking about all day is how tired I am.

I woke up super early. to help with a suprise for the freshmen girls on my campus. the surprise involved candy, tape, and me waking up before the crack of dawn. but, I think it was worth it. some people get really sad on days like this, and a simple gesture may have brightened their days. I hope so, anyway.

but being up that early allowed me to eat breakfast, which I hadn’t done in a while.

then, it was class time. no surprise, none of my teachers canceled, or shortened class today. so, yes, I was in class from 10 am to 5:15.

but, I actually learned a lot in class today. and, I had fun

dinner in the cafeteria was yummy, a special Valentine’s dinner.

now, I sit here at my “job,” waiting until midnight when I can finally go to sleep. and when I do get in my bed, the sleep I have will be amazing.

Anyway, that was a mess lol…. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 🙂

Inspiration: Michele Norris

12 Feb

 Michele Norris is an award winning, history making journalist. But, her career plans weren’t always rooted in journalism. She began her college years at University of Wisconsin as an electrical engineering major. She later graduated from University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where she earned a degree in journalism in 1985. Norris’ journalism career took off in 1993, when she became a contributing correspondent for ABC News. Her “Closer Look” segments appeared on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. The segments often dealt with education, poverty and problems for residents of inner cities. While working for ABC, Norris earned Peabody and Emmy awards for her reporting during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In December of 2002, Norris left her position at ABC and began hosting the Nation Public Radio show “All Things Considered,” along with journalists Melissa Block and Robert Siegel. Her position on the show made Norris the first African-American woman host on NPR. Norris has also acted as contributing writer for major newspapers, such as The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times. In 1990, Norris was awarded the Livingston Award for a series of articles written about a six-year-old boy who lived in a crack house with his addict mother. Norris has won many other awards, including the National Association of Black Journalists “Salute To Excellence” award for her coverage of Hurricane Katrina. In 2009, Norris was named one of Essence Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Black Americans. Also in 2009, Norris was named “Journalist of the Year” by the National Association of Black Journalists. Despite Norris’ achievements, and her place at NPR, she was not mentioned in the 2010 book “This Is NPR.” The book was released as a celebration of NPR’s 40th Anniversary. Norris was quoted as “disappointed,” by her omission from the book. A representative from NPR later called it an “inexcusable mistake.” Norris continues working for NPR, and is proud of the recent release of her family memoirs, “The Grace of Silence.”

Nights Like This

10 Feb

it was close to midnight. I was already in my pajamas. I didn’t know that the skype session I was having would lead to a “4th meal” run to taco bell. in the snow. 2 of my friends convinced me that I NEEDED this meal. I didn’t. but, the trip was fun. it included our usual silly banter, and jokes that no one else will ever understand. it included butt smacking, laughs, and caramal apple empanadas.

I love nights like this.

I live for nights like this. nights where its just me & my friends, and pure fun.

sometimes, I wonder how many nights like this I have left. I mean, after graduation, when we’re all in different stages of life, will crazy times like this even be possible?

I know I shouldn’t try to look too far into the future, and should just live in the moment. but, I’ve formed bonds that I’m not sure I’m ready to let go of, or even loosen my grip on.

but, I can’t see the future. so, I’ll just have go day by day, and wait for more nights like this. 🙂

can jazz make me smarter?

10 Feb

I read somewhere that listening to music with words, while studying was bad.

and I believe it. trying to read a boring chapter of environmental science is already hard. add the fact that I’m more focused on singing along with Beyonce about freakum dresses….well, you get my point.
so, I asked my dad…an avid music buff to give me some music with NO words. he made me three mised CDs. each one contained a bunch of wordless jazz music.
jazz is something I despised as a child. when my dad would turn to the jazz stations, I’d sit in the car and pout.I always thought jazz was for old people.
but as I sit and listen to the trumpets and saxaphones, I realize jazz is much cooler than I ever thought. its soothing and exciting at the same time. I think this may be my new-found love. it has been past time for me to expand my musical selections.
and if it will help me reach my 4.0 goal for the semester, that’s all the better.